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Our residential and day camps in the school holidays offer action packed adventures for children aged 7-17. We arrange activity groups to ensure that the programme is targeted to your child's age and needs and you can be sure that they will have an active experience, learning lots of new skills and meeting loads of new friends!

Kent's Premier Outdoor Education and Learning Centre

At Treejumpers our focus is on ensuring that every person who visits us not only has fun but also learns something new. We take a different approach to outdoor learning, using our background and experience to shape programmes that always make connections back to school life and the transfer of skills and learning. 

Our hand-picked instructors tailor make the programmes we run so that the learning outcomes are clear and that impact is taken back into school or the work-place. As an accredited Forest School provider and nature-based learning and Bushcraft School we can work with any group from age 5 - 95 to deliver training that has a lasting and measurable impact as well as being fun and memorable.

The bespoke nature of our courses and residentials allows us to create unique experiences that fit. By focussing on learning and progression we have become an organisation that delivers a lot more than meets the eye. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we look forward to welcoming you soon.
Director of Education.

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"Good schools get students through exams, Outstanding schools help students to apply what they have learnt. They create opportunities for students to be part of a meaningful team and to see a bigger world. Treejumpers is run by staff who know and understand this and are best placed to help us turn Good into Outstanding." Dame Sharon Hollows

Working with The Schools Network to raise standards and improve outcomes.


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  • 'When I got to the end of the leap of faith I felt like I had faced my fear' - Gus, Age 11
  • 'Good equipment and competent instructor meant we always felt safe, even when 30ft in the air' - Painter Party August 2010
  • 'F.A.B" - Harrison and Sam, Age 10
  • "it was one of the best experiences in my whole life! I would Definitely do it again" - Bernadette Age 10
  • "I think that Treejumpers was the best thing I've ever done - I loved it all" - Aidan Age 7
  • "all of the activities and making lots of friends was the best part of Treejumpers camp" - Henry age 13

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

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